Directionally challenged

Hello, I am attempting to knit after many years, was not great even then. Sooo, I am having trouble understanding what the directions mean. The pattern is berroco, the truman vest. Row 2 explains completion of the ribbing. Then after the purl row, it says “decrease 30 (36-38-44 etc) sts across 71(81-91-99 etc) sts. Work even in St st until piece measures 4 (4 1/2, 4 1/2, 5 etc) from beginning, end on WS.”

I understand the abbreviations but do not understand what it means to decrease a certain number of stitches across a certain number of stitches.

Please help! It’s even difficult to explain!

Using the smallest size as an example- you’ll be decreasing 30 stitches across the next 71 stitches so you end up with 41 stitches. It doesn’t have to be perfect so just decrease as evenly as you can.

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The different numbers are for each size - you would decrease X sts evenly spaced across the number of stitches you now have on the row. The larger numbers are just confirming that you’re starting with the proper number of stitches.

That’s a gorgeous vest! Here’s its Ravelry page, in case you haven’t seen it.
I have a hard time with decreasing lots of stitches across a row as well. I think there’s a formula for this, but I’m terrible at math so I always make sure I have a lifeline in place and then I just guess how many sts I need in between those decreases. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn’t. :??

The ‘formula’ is dividing the dec sts into the beginning stitches. Or you can use a decrease calculator… that site also has an increase calculator.

That is my new favorite internet page! :inlove:
It has a calculator for everything, including for times when you want the decreases centered. Doing the math on that was always too much for me. Thanks again!

She’s got some interesting things on the site, though it can be hard to find them. Using the search can help.

I have these cute little plastic markers that slip onto a stitch and stay put (mostly) … I love using them to measure off places where I need to K2tog or implement a decrease.

However, if you don’t have such custom built gadgets, you can alwas use 8 inch strands of cast of yarn and simply tie a knot.

hope this helps?

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