Direction of yarn throw

OK so I love this site, and I also wish I’d never found it. Let me e’splain what I mean.
I have been knitting for over a year now and I learned from my mom, who learned from her mom. My Mom was convinced she wraps the yarn the wrong way(counterclockwise), so she teaches me the opposite(clockwise). Good so far, I made a gazillion and a half scarves this year for presents for the family. The finished projects look great, but then so do mom’s.
I start looking though the videos and low and behold the lady in the videos wraps the yarn the way mom does!
I am trying to get mom on here to check it out, because she is convinced that she has been wrong all this time.
While this vindicates mom it leaves me with a bit of a problem. I have two afgan projects on the needle and a big sense of frustration over “doing it all wrong”. I don’t mind learning to wrap the yarn differently on the next project if it makes a big difference, but worry about reinforcing bad habits if I complete these afgans.
What kind of harm am I doing on this big a project by wrapping the yarn clockwise?
Thanks for any help you can give,
frustrated in Fort Wayne.

I don’t think it makes a difference… I have a friend that holds her left needle in her lap between her legs and pokes the right needle into the loops… it’s slow but it suits her and she has learned it this way!