Direction of a stitch pattern question

I am knitting another string market bag and I have noticed on line that the pattern I am using of Row 1. K2tog, YO, repeat. Row 2. Knit. In every picture of this stitch pattern I have seen online the direction of the stitch goes to the right. When I knit it, it goes to the left. Does the way I control the yarn determine the direction? I knit with the yarn in my right hand and I throw the yarn around the needle.

throwing versus picking should not affect the direction unless you are twisting the stitches by throwing the yarn around clockwise instead of counter clockwise. check the English version of the K2tog video here and see if it looks like what you’re doing.

Thank you for your answer and I did look at the video tip and I am doing it just like the video shows. It doen’t affect the stitch other than the direction it is leaning towards. I can live with it leaning to the left but I was just wondering why it is doing that.

Are you doing the k2tog through the back loops of the sts? That will make a left leaning decrease. Or maybe you knit combined and wrap your sts backwards so the leg closest to the end of the needle is over the back of it too, instead of to the front.

I am kniiting the K2tog in the front leg. As far as I know I do not knit combined but I have no way of knowing since I am a self taught knitter. I hold the yarn in my right hand for knitting and purling. In this pattern there is no purling since I am knitting in the round. The only purls I used were in the bottom of the bag, I used seed stitch for the bottom. It doesn’t affect the pattern, I just wondered why my bags look different from all I have seen online.

Do you have a picture of it? It may not be leaning to the left as much as you think it is. Pull and stretch it various directions and see if that changes how it looks.