Dinosaur trouble!

Hello everyone!
I’m sure this is very simple but I am struggling with the shaping of my toy dinosaurs head!
The instructions state: ’ when a stitch has been slipped on a previous row is about to be worked, pick up the wrapped strand around the slipped stitch and place on LH needle, knit it tog with the slipped st tbl’.
I am flummoxed by this one!

Any guidance gratefully received!
many thanks

Hi and welcome!
It sounds like it might be short row wraps but that’s a guess. Can you give us a link to the pattern, please?
If it’s short rows, then this is the row where you pick up the wraps in order to hide them.
This video shows how to do that:

This is the previous video which actually shows the short rows:

I am making T-rex toy from DK baby knits!
The links are perfect - thank you!
My daughter recently spent time in A&E after falling off her bike, they gave her a knitted comfort toy so now I am knitting one for her to give back!
Thank you for your help xx

I just finished making two of these myself. It’s easy to watch for the stitch your picking up on the RS but you really have to watch for them on the WS. I ended up missing a few and didn’t have any holes. It actually gave them a scarred appearance around the head. (It worked for the boy I was making them for, he loves the genetically altered Trex from the new Jurassic park movie.)