Dingy Undies

Can someone tell me how to brighten dingy underwear?
Better yet, how to prevent it to start with.
I wear nylon spandex under pants and nylon slips.
After only a few washings they always look dull and dingy.:aww:

I’m not sure how to brighten them after the fact…maybe a non-bleach additive? I also would only wash those by themselves, never with colored laundry. Heat can destroy spandex, too. Drip dry your undies. I have a special hanger with clips on it that I’ve used for certain things.

In addition… I think hard water tends to cause problems, too.

I wash them only with my husbands white dress shirts and hang them on skirt/pant hangers to dry.


Did you figure out a solution? (pun intended) I’d try soaking in OxyClean, I think.

No, I haven’t. I’ll post it if/when I do though.

I used Oxyclean when it first came out in powder form and you put it in the wash or you had to mix it every time you used it for stains. I think they have easier pre mixes now…not sure. Anyway that stuff worked pretty well and it’s worth a try for sure!

I used OxiClean when it first came out too, but it’s been a long time since I’ve bought any. I’ll put in om my shopping list.