Dings and dents in wooden needles?

Well, my cat is a little over 3 months old now…so he his permanent teeth are coming in.This means he is chewing on absolutely anything he can get his paws on to alleviate the pain.He’s got plenty of soft toys to chew on, freshly made, and I’ve JUST switched him back to soft food to make it easier on him.

That’s all good and gravy for him, but I’m left with dents in bamboo needles he’s chewed on! I know that carpenters will steam wood they’ve accidentally hammered into or will put drops of hot water in the dent to make it come back up, but does this work on needles?I’m hoping I won’t have to get a completely new set of DPNs.I would just go for this technique if I was sure it wouldn’t ruin them further in some way.I don’t want them to get all warped or something.

Please keep your knitting and needles away from your pets, especially the kitty. It’s hazardous to your stuff and dangerous for them. We had to pull a foot of yarn out of the cats throat a couple times. :shock: And my dog chewed my DPN when she was young and I was gone. I was just glad she wasn’t hurt by splinter! :zombie:

You could keep a can of pennies or other noisemaker so when she comes near it she will hear that and quit. A spray bottle of water works for some cats, but I didn’t use it because I have hard floors that would get slippery.

I wonder if there are chew toys for teething cats…:think: