Dings and Dents in my Bamboo needles?

Hi guys,

I decided to just use my warped bamboo needeles. They were new, but oh well. Anyway, I’ve knitted about 7x4 inches of a 7x9 inch quilt square. If I stop and look at the ends of the needles I can see that they have dents and dings in them. Is this normal? Or am I damaging them somehow?


What do you mean by dings and dents? That doesn’t sound quite right to me… I really think you should think about taking them back. It sounds like you might have gotten a defective set.

This happens from you scratching one needle with the tip of another. I find that that usually means I’m knitting too tightly. I knit much more loosely now, and have noticed a dramatic decrease in the occurance of dings.

I notice that in mine too and I am a loose knitter.