Dimensions of the shawl I'm working on

I’m making a shawl…or trying to!

The finished BLOCKED dimensions are 16"x70". It is rectangular.

It calls for size 4 needles. The yarn is very tiny too! (Knit Picks Shimmer)

When I cast on the 97 sts, is it supposed to be close to the 16"?

When I measured the cast on stitches sort of spread out on my needle, it is NOWHERE near 16". I changed to size 6s because I knit tightly and that was better but still it would have to stretch A LOT when I block it for it to be 16".

Help! :thinking:

I’d knit a few rows and then measure again. I haven’t done a lot of lace, but I found that when I make squares that need to be a certain width, the cast on measurement is not really accurate, since it gets wider.

Ok, thanks.