DIL's Loopy Scarf!

I made this for her for Christmas and it was a big hit! It is the Loopy pattern from Knitty.com.

Susan in NC :muah:

I’ve not seen this one before! Very cool!

Cool scarf! The colors are great on her.

That is a great looking scarf! :hug:



FANTASTIC! :cheering: I have one in that pattern OTN rigth now. I pray it turns out as beautifully as yours. What size needles did you use? Which lace yarn?


I will check. I can’t remember. I will let you know ASAP. Also, I cast on with a simple loop cast on (eye) because the long tail was too bulky. Got that tip from my LYS. This could be a fabulous shawl also. Thanks for the compliment. :heart:

That is cute!

Lovely lovely

I have been looking at making a scarf very similar to that one.

Hi! Back again. Sorry for the delay. I used a US #17 circular Addi. The yarn is Berroco “Hip Hop” and Crystal Palace Kid Merino (the lace yarn). I just got some more of it today to actually make myself something!! WOW!

Susan in NC

One more thing; I cast on 40 stitches, not 45. The circ was 24" long too.

Hi Susan,

Thank you for the pattern info. Knitting the kid Merino on size 17 needles is really demanding, no? I’ve started and frogged 3 times already - just didn’t like the way it was looking. When in doubt, blame it on the yarn! :teehee:



Hi Lando,
Yes; it was a challenge but I found that if I just persevered it got easier and easier. It turned out so pretty it was worth it! The effect of the bulky thick/thin yarn with the delicate yarn was fabulous! It does look “funny” until the weight of the heavy yarn sort of pulls the scarf into shape. The simple loop cast on helped too.I am making one for me now and will post the pics as soon as I finish. Hang in there with it. Let me know how it goes. :happydance:
Susan in NC

[color=indigo]Hi Susan:

I just noticed (… and slowly the penny drops …) that you did not knit this scarf lengthwise! Wise choice. :happydance:

The pattern I had called for doing it lengthwise, and that is were I have been suffering with the Kid Merino. Keeping it straight and untangled on the needle over 140 stitches was defeating me. I am going to try it your way.


Lando :figureditout: [/color]

Hi Lando!
The pattern I used is from Knitty.com in the Archive section under scarves. My LYS ladies have one on display(that I admired) and suggested the 40 st. cast on versus the 45. Good grief! I cannot imagine working with the "spider web"yarn with 140 sts.!!! No wonder you were wild! Try the other pattern.
:teehee: Susan

That scarf is Gawgous!

I LOVE it! :slight_smile: