Digital Creative Knitting

Has anyone tried this yet?

This looks great. I’m about ready to sign up, but first I want to know if these issues can be saved/burned to a CD.

I can’t answer that question. I do know I prefer the actual physical copy of my magazine which is Knitters. I copy a pattern out of it with my scanner and the original stays in good condition. If you can burn a copy then it would be great. Knitters isn’t digital yet and it has the plus sizes and very nice patterns.

That is a good question for their customer support contact form. I check their FAQ and it had only two questions! Just two? Yes.

I did find a note that said Adobe was required for downloading and printing any corrections to patterns. The sample issue is provided via Adobe Flash player. I don’t think you can download that, but it does let you print pages from it. It had a rather nice print interface that let you check mark the pages you wanted to print.

Oh, on the page you linked is the following quote:

With Creative Knitting digital, you get immediate and free delivery of each issue, [B]the ability to save and reference your issues anytime and anywhere (online and offline)[/B], and a paperless reading experience with high-resolution quality!

I added the emphasis to point out it says save and offline. That means (IMHO) you can download to your own computer and view and print anytime from there. [SIZE=“1”]Copyright restrictions still apply.[/SIZE]

Thanks, guys!


I am going to give it a go!

PS…I just got the subscription…and yes…you can save the current mags as PDFs

To save a PDF, you have to hit the print button icon on the bottom…then select all pages (make sure you have all the pages…there is a drop down # of pages on one side…make sure it has all 100 pages) and then “print and save” Once it has saved it as a PDF, it should also ask you for your printing preferences…click Cancel to not print, and it will save your PDF without printing…

Actually…you can save back issues too…even better! I just got two years worth of subscriptions for $15!

Sounds great!