Difficulty with Sidar dk pattern 1815

Hi, I’m Libby, just joined and this is my first post.

I’m knitting V neck cardigan 4th size. I’ve just just divided for Back and Fronts as circled in picture. My problem is I was left with 23 stitches rather than 20 as indicated. I have 85 stitches now having cast off both sets of 6 as in pattern. Where did I go wrong? And how do I correct it?

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How many sts did you have before the bind off?

Your needle after the bind off should have 21sts–6bound off–43sts–6bound off–21sts.
The pattern is ignoring the one stitch left on the right hand needle after the bind offs of 6sts when it gives the instructions for the bind off row. Did you also ignore that stitch as you bound off 6 then proceeded to knit an additional 42 sts for the back or 20sts for the left front? That would account for 2 of the sts. The 3rd extra stitch could just be decreased in a succeeding row.

Hi salmonmac and thanks for your prompt reply. I had 97 stitches to start. As you can see from pic sent it said to patt 21 then cast off six… That left me with 20 on needle then it says to patt 42 and cast off six more then patt 20 but I had 23 stitches… A total of 85 as the pattern says. What you say I should have when finished row doesn’t match instructions but it balances out better. So to achieve this I need to patt 22 cast off 6, patt 43 cast off six more and patt remaining stitches.However then in next row I have to join Front, sleeves and Back :

I’m very confused

Ninety-seven sts to start the row is correct. When you bind off 6 x 2 that leaves you with 85sts.

To work the bind off row, pattern across 21sts, knit 2 additional sts and begin the bind off by lifting stitch one over stitch 2 and off the right hand needle. Continue to bind off until you’ve lifted 6sts over and off. There’ll be 21sts, a gap and then one stitch on the right hand needle.
Now knit across an additional 42sts. There will now be 21sts, a gap and 43sts on the right hand needle.
Start the bind off by knitting 2 more sts, and lifting stitch one over and off the needle. Again continue until 6sts have been lifted over and off. You’ll have a new gap (the second armhole) and then a single stitch on the right hand needle. Knit the remaining 20sts.

21sts–6bound off–43sts–6bound off–21sts (85sts)

Remember that you need to work 2sts before you can bind off one stitch. Don’t use the last stitch of that 21sts as part of the bind off and don’t use the last stitch of the 42 as part of the bind off. Work 2 new sts to start the bind off. That’s what the pattern instructions are assuming.


Thanks again Salmonmac… Will rip back and re do

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Salmonmac, your last paragraph made it all clear to me… I was casting off too soon. Thanks so much… No doubt I’ll be back soon because now I have to join Fronts, Sleeves and Back… But I’ll try and work it out first🤔


Glad to help. Come back anytime with questions or comments!