Difficulty With Pattern

[b][color=red]I thought I was doing so well with my shawl … I did the first four rows of straight k, now am into the “patterned rib border” …

R1 (RS): k (did that ok)
R2: k (no problems there)
R3: (here the fun begins): k6, *k4, (p1, k5) twice, rep from * 4 times more, k6.

I did the k6 fine … then I did the next part k4, p1, k5 twice … I have the k4, p1, p5 done 4 more times and there are still 36 stiches left!!! Was I supposed to include the k6 in there? I didn’t think I was since it said to rep from the * … why do they have brackets there??? :!!!:

I must be missing something …


R3: (here the fun begins): k6, *k4, (p1, k5) twice, rep from * 4 times more, k6.

I believe you only do what is in the brackets twice then k4 and do what is between the brackets twice, etc. so it would look like this:

k6, k4, p1, k5, p1, k5, k4, p1, k5, p1, k5, k4, p1, k5, p2, k5, etc… till you get to the end and then k6 for the edge.

Someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

[color=red][b]I had to start to take the stitches back and lost them among the knitting … there has to be an easier way to remove stitches or everyone would be losing their knitting not to mention their minds … :!!!: I also find circular needles bad for tearing stuff back … now I have to take back the whole row and hope I don’t lose any of those ones. I already have 15 rows done on this and it’s the second time I’ve had to tear it out.


Toby - You might want to consider a lifeline: use a tapestry needle to run a piece of different colored waste yarn or crochet thread through the stitches on your needle/cable before proceeding to the next row, making sure the row you’re using is correct first. Then if you have to rip back your stitches are secure on that waste yarn/thread, just place them back on your needle and start again.

Re your pattern problem - I agree with Jan. The (p1,k5) is done twice on every repeat, using up 16 stitches each repeat (k4 + p1,k5,p1,k5), so you do it 5 times (first time around then 4 more times as stated), for a total of 80 stitches. the k6 at beginning and end of row is another 12 for a grand total of 92 stitches, which is what I believe you started with?

[color=red]Yes, that’s right, it’s 92 stitches that I started with …

So when I have finished doing a row, you run a piece of thread through between the stitches and the needle? So if you tear them back they won’t go any further? What a great idea … because when I tore them out of course the yarn from the preceding row slipped out and I had to scramble with my old eyesight to see it and grab it with a slippery steel needle to get it back in … aaagggh… I have another 20 stitches or so to tear back … can I still put the lifeline in?

They seem to write some of these things so complicated for newbies …


I was just going to suggest a lifeline, too. They are a godsend for doing lace, large projects and newbies. There are a couple ways to do it, but I usually just use a tapestry or yarn needle with waste yarn, or dental floss and thread it through the stitches on the needle when you know it’s correct. Make sure the yarn/floss/thread is plenty long so it doesn’t pull out. I sometimes tie it if it’s long enough. Then move it up as you go…every 10-20 rows or whatever.

[color=red][b]So do you just thread it through between needle and your stitches then? And you work with it in there and then you pull it out and put it in again? Sounds good to me … :hug:


I usually just go stitch by stitch when I’m down to the final stitches I need to reclaim.

Jan brought up a good point I neglected - move your lifeline every so often to a new correct row and make sure it’s long enough for the width of the piece (when it’s not all scrunched on the circulars) and a goodly portion to hang out on each side. I have used dental floss, but I read somewhere that it could slice through a thinner, more delicate yarn, so I usually don’t use it on lighter weight yarns.

[color=blue]Here’s[/color] a nice little tutorial on lifelines, pix, too.

[color=red][b]I’m going to try inserting the lifeline on my remaining stitches as I’m having such trouble picking them up … I’m using Patons Astra yarn …

Great tutorial you sent … pics were great. :hug:



What I do when I have a complex pattern repeat is count it out while reading over it before I actually begin working that row/round to ensure that I’ve got the math right.

Keep at it. You’re doing great and learning a lot along the way! :cheering: