Difficulty with CO during a work in progress


I’m knitting the anatomical Heart from Knitty (2008) and I just can’t seem to figure out one of the lines. The pattern states:

Row 1 (WS) CO 8 sts p to end (18 sts)

No matter which way I cast on 8 stitches, I simply can’t figure out a way to p to the end to the row. I have tried all the methods and I can CO in diverse ways but I can’t get the yarn the right way to purl to the end of the row. I am simply stuck. I even tried to fudge it a bit and had to frog back because it didn’t work.

I would really appreciate any help! specially if you’ve knit this pattern already. Thank you all in advance!

So the pattern says
Row 1 [WS]: CO 8 sts, p to end. 18 sts.
Row 2 [RS]: CO 8 sts, k to end. 26 sts.
Your’ve just finished a RS row and placed some sts on hold while you start to knit back and forth. Take the needle with the sts in your left hand and cable or knit cast on 8 sts. The working yarn will be at the tip of the needle when you’re through casting on. Purl the cast on sts and the sts that were on the needle originally till you get to the end of the row. Now switch the needle back to the left hand again and cast on 8sts. Then knit across the cast on sts, knit the original sts and the cast on from the previous row. If you need to see cable cast on or knit cast on go to the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Cast On (although it sounds like you’ve already learned multiple cast ons).