Difficulty understanding instructions

Hello all,

I am looking for a little help with a pattern I am currently making up. It’s a ballerina outfit for a teddy bear which came with Knitting magazine issue 64 in a supplement.

The instructions say the following…
ML - Place sequin on a loop. Knit into the next stitch and, before slipping the stitch off the left needle, slide a sequin up to the needle and bring the yarn to the front of the work between the needle points. Wrap the yarn around your left thumb and take it back between the needle points. Now, knit into the stitch again and then slip the stitch off the needle. You will now have 2 stitches on the right-hand needle. Cast one off by lifting one stitch over the other.

My problem is that the wool I’m using is Rowan Calmer for the main pink skirt which is too thick to put a sequin on and the sequins seem to be through the Rowan Kidsilk Haze but it doesn’t say to change wools. Should I thread the sequins all on the Haze first then knit them into the Calmer? It’s quite confusing for me and I can’t find anything online. When I google ML, it comes up with magic loop and I have no idea what that is and also make one, which I know is wrong.

I’ve not been knitting long, so if this is a really simple question, apologies!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Are you supposed to be knitting with both yarns at the same time?

What is the name of the pattern? It helps if we have a link and photo if possible. Or maybe the designer?

It says with yarn A (Calmer) only. Nothing about yarn B (haze).

This is the bear. It’s by Emma King and it’s called Ballerina Bear.

Thanks for replying!

Are you sure you’re not supposed to add the haze to the calmer and knit with both when you start the skirt? the skirt looks sort of fuzzy-looking.

After seeing the picture I agree. It looks like it’s knit with both together. Does the pattern say anywhere about bringing in color B?

It says…

Using 4mm needles and A, cast on 51 stitches.

There’s no mention of yarn B, but you can see it on the skirt in the photo and it looks like the sequins are threaded through it. It’s so confusing. :frowning:

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Try reading forward in the pattern. Maybe the skirt is knit in 2 layers - like there is an over-skirt knit w/the kid silk haze and sequens. maybe??

Oh I hadn’t thought of that… it is a very unclear pattern with this bit. The rest has been excellent and I’ve managed to make the cardigan, it tells me when to cast on yarn A and yarn B, etc.

I’ll try to muddle through and let you know how it gets on! Thanks so much for the help! :0)

It does look like an overskirt to me. . .

OMG, I am [U]such[/U] a doult!! I HAVE this pattern booklet - it came with a british magazine.

OK, flip back to page 15 - under Abbreaviation it defines ML, which appears to be short for Make Loop. It doesn’t actually say to be using the kid silk haze here, but it has to be what you’re using. It also doesn’t tell you to string the sequins onto the KSH, but again, you would have to string at least enough for each row.

Back to the skirt directions, don’t confuse row 5, where you m1 (make 1 increase) with row 7 where you start using the ML (make loop).

Again, it’s not clear if you are holding the 2 yarns together across the row, but you’d have to be. When you get to the ML on row 7, you will do this weird stitch every other stitch across the row. Knit the next sitch but don’t slide it off the left needle. Bring the KSH to the front between the needle tips, bring forward one sequin, wrap the KSH around your left thumb and then to the back between the needles. knit into the same stitch again and slide both stitches off the left needle. It says to cast off one of the 2 stitches on the right needle, I’d think of it as a pass stitch over, well, I guess that is a bind off or cast off. It’s not relaly a PSSO since you don’t have a slipped stitch.

THen you knit 1. Then you do the whole ML thing again. Every other stitch across the row.


Here’s the magazine’s website. The toy booklet came with issue #64, June 09. I haven’t had a chance to look and see if any errata is listed yet.

Thanks Marilyn. That’s what I’ve tried doing now with all these loops. It’s very very fiddly and difficult with my long nails and clumsiness. :smiley: I’m glad you can see what I mean now, it’s hard to explain. I have been lifting the KSH over the Calmer to make the stitch numbers stay the same and that seems to be working.

Thanks again for the help! :muah:

Thought I’d let you know that I finished the skirt finally and here is the finished result.


Thank you again for all the help. :smiley: I really enjoyed knitting it.

You did a great job! She’s very cute.

I expect some little girl will be very happy to get her!!