Difficulty Sewing on the front bands

The front side of the cardigan pattern instructions states that I [B]rib 8 stitches, then hold those stitches on a safety pin.[/B] Continue to finish the sweater - then apply the front band as follows: “…[B]cast on 1 stitch, rib across 8 stitches on safety pin (total 9 stitches). Stretch & sew the band in place.” [/B]
[B]Question - what method of sewing stitch should I use to sew the band?[/B]
Is the extra stitch on the band supposed to compensate for the loss of a stitch when I seam the band to the front side?
I cannot imagine that this will look good without the advice of an experienced knitter. :knitting:

I’ve never done that, but maybe this will help till someone comes along who can help.