Difficulties with a pattern



Hi all,

I am knitting a sweater, and I’m having difficulty with one point in the pattern.
I’m knitting the back pannel, and after the bottom edge in rib, the pattern changes:

row 1 (rs) P1, *sl 1, P1, rep from * to end.
row 2 purl.
row 3 P2, *sl 1, P1, rep from * to last st, P1.
row 4 purl

This I can do well, but after this section it changes again saying:

Cont in patt, shaping side seams by inc 1 st at each end of
next and foll 8 alt rows, taking inc sts into patt.

I thought I was following it correctly, but it seems to change the way the pattern turns out. I’m increasing at the beginning and end of each row 1 and 3, using a purl back and front to increase the stitches.
Can anyone help clarify what is supposed to happen/how to make it happen?

Thank you!


Welcome to KH!
You’re going to have to take the extra stitch in the alternate rows into account. Once you have 3 extra sts you can add a pattern repeat.
The best way to maintain the pattern is to look at the previous rows and start the row after the increase so that the pattern stays aligned with those rows. This may mean purling 2sts or 3 sts at the beginning of the row in order to keep the succeeding sts aligned.
What is the name of your pattern?



It’s called “Jubilation Jacket.” I just found it online, so I was worried it might be a bad pattern, though it looks pretty official.


Very pretty and a free pattern too! Enjoy working it and do let us see the finished jacket. We love photos of projects.