Difficult 'fancy' yarn

Hi, I just joined from Sydney, Australia [being new to the forum world] in the hope of finding a knitter with an answer to my porblem.
Bought what is termed a fancy yarn, named ‘Cinderella’ [Moda Vera], which has regularly spaced baubles. The store showed a nice sampler with baubles protruding from both sides of work in regular spaces; size 7 [uk] needles recommended. No matter which stitch I tried, the bauble would get caught in the knittting loops, and if I pulled it through the work, would also pull the knitting tight in places. Unlike the sampler, very messy piece of work; nobody in store knows why. Please help, the yarn is too cute to waste…

Welcome! Fancy yarn is sometimes difficult to work with. :slight_smile: I would just keep knitting with it. Once you wash the item the stitches usually even out better. I think that’s simply the nature of that kind of yarn.

Maybe the answer is not to pull the bauble thru, but to push it back so it’s looser.