Differents type os yarns

Hello, I am a newbie, What is the diff between worsted weight, sport weight, and other weight? I like yarns that drape well not chunky, skinny yarns. What weight so I be looking for.

Can anyone help

Thank you
Lori :thinking:

tape/ribbon yarns drape well. worsted weight is standard weight, sport weight is thinner.

For anything else, you have to wait for ingrid. Or at least for someone other than me.

Worsed weight is probably the most common and sounds like what you are looking for.

You might find this yarn weight chart handy, too.

Here is a chart of different weights of yarn. As aylaanne said, worsted is the middle-of-the-road yarn. Its the most common thickness you’ll see in a yarn store.

The drape of a fabric, I think, relies more on how tightly it is knit rather than how thick the yarn is, though thicker yarn is going to make thicker fabric, of course.