Differentiating between the grey Denise needles

Hi! Amy, I have the blue box Denise needles and watched your review of them. You mentioned that you colored them before the new colorful set came out. I’m wondering how you did it. Paint? (Or maybe it would be easiest to try to sell my kit so I can just purchase the colorful one instead - and if so can I do so here on your site? Sorry- it’s my first time here.) Thank you!!

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@amy will be able to help you best.

Hi! Welcome to our forum @Badassmanifesto. Are you a Jen Sincero fan? I love her badass books!

I’m glad you can appreciate the colored needles. The basic Denise set was very popular among members here, and when I finally got a set for myself I liked it except for the lack of color, which is what started it all. :wink:

How I color them was a trade secret for a long time, but since I’m no longer coloring them, I’ll let you know my method!..

After trying numerous paints and methods, I actually found that RIT dye worked best on them! I boiled them on the stove, about a teaspoon of dye per cup of water (except the red, which needed more dye and a much longer boil time.) If you’re going to color them, seven rainbow colors are a lot of RIT dye to purchase for just one set; it adds up. Maybe you’ll be happy with two alternating colors? (Fuschia and orange; indigo and purple…)

If you decide to go for coloring your set, let me know if you want me to confirm the exact color names I used. Some colors took better than others, and I still have my boxes of RIT in the basement!

You’re also more than welcome to list your set for sale here in the forum, in Buy/Sell/Swap. The folks at Denise do, of course, now sell bright colored sets, and they’re lovely people.

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your response. Who knew that RIT dye would do it?!

I am indeed a fan of Jen Sincero but had created badassmanifesto before I had heard of her. Fun coincidence. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Wow, your an original badass then! Nice!

You’re welcome. If you dye them, I hope you’ll post a pic so we can enjoy the results with you!

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Will do! Though I’m leaning toward trading them in for the colorful set!! Thank you again and take care.