Different ways to shape hats

Hi everyone,

Is there a book or a website that teaches in detail how to decrease hats in different ways? Im working on my own pattern,and I wanted to try different types of decrease to see which one looks good. I’ve been using crazyauntpurl’s decrease for all my hats but I want a different look. I’ve also tried thedietdiary, I didn’t like that too much. Please help me.

The more spaced out the decreases, the pointier the top is; a rounded top would have about 8 or 10 decs every other round till you get down to 3 or 4 sts between decs, then every round. You can have 6 to 12 decs per round, depends on the stitch number. Or you can choose to do double decreases where there’s 2 decs next to each other (or a 3 into 1 dec) and more sts between them.