Different ways to gauge?

Is there different ways to get gauge in crocheting if so what are they and how to do them?.Thanks.

i used to use different size of yarn (thicker or finer)…it’s a suggestion i got from knitting forum and i apply it to crochet…i don’t know about using different size of hook but in knitting, this works, too…

If you don’t use the recommend yarn then you should crochet a gauge swatch. You either go up or down a hook size depending on how you crochet. If you are making an article of clothing then gauge matters. If you are making a blanket then the size of the blanket is up to you and gauge is at your discretion.
The books and the guild says, go up or down a hook size to get gauge but my opinion [SIZE=4][COLOR=Red]for a blanket only is : it is up to you.[/COLOR][/SIZE]