Different way to use an afghan?

I am currently knitting an afghan, and the colors I’m using match our living room couch. However, I have decided that the last thing we need in our living room is an afghan … it will get thrown on the floor and stepped on by the kids, the dog will sleep on it, etc. So…since I have this great big blank white wall over the couch, maybe I could make the afghan into a wall hanging instead. Would this work or would it look silly? I guess I would have to line it somehow so it won’t stretch out when it’s hung up. People hang up quilts, so why not an afghan? Has anyone ever tried it? Any opinions? Thanks. :??

I think it depends on the afghan. If it’s small and not bulky, then I don’t see a problem with it. I once hung an afghan as wall dressing in college. The afghan was pretty thin and small to work.

Just hang it Rachel :wink:
If you don’t like it, you can always take it down. :smiley:

what a great idea! my very best girlfried is an art teaher, and we were just discussing interior decorating today… she was saying how people need to use textures more, and was going on about this wall hanging she wanted to knit, and the colors and all that… generally once she starts talking colors and shades and hues and blahhhhhhhhhh i totally tune out, but I guess that’s why i’m the music teacher and she’s the art teacher :rollseyes: … anyway, i say DO IT!!! :thumbsup:

Why not put up a wooden rack like a drapery rod type thing that you can fold the afghan over as decoration, but it can also be taken down to use when you want?