Different toe for top down socks

I don’t really like the standard toe for top-down socks. It looks angular. My Sensational Knitted Socks have short row toes and round toes for toe-up socks, and my next pair of socks will be toe-up (that means yours, sockintine partner), but I’ve already started a couple of pair top-down and wondered if there was another way to do the toe for these.


I don’t have Sensational Socks yet, I’ve asked for it for Christmas, but my DH procrastinates, anyway couldn’t you just reverse the instructions for the toe up and use it for the top down? Check google for other ideas.

you’re right. google, not here, is the best place to look.

Were you wanting a more roundy toe? Knitqueen described how she does here



Here are bunch of other options too.

Lots of links to different toes and heels here.

My favorite toe-up toe right now is the rectangle toe. Nice and roomy, not pointy. (If I remember correctly, it’s similar to the easy toe in SKS.) Note, if you try that one: when I pick up the stitches, I don’t go through both loops – just the one that’s closest to the “wrong side” – it comes out flatter and neater that way.

ETA: Just noticed you were looking for toes for top-down, not toe-up. The link has those too. :wink:

Kristen, thanks for finding that rounded toe of mine! :smiley:

Also, another one I’ve been using lately which is VERY similar to the standard kitchenered toe but a lot less square looking - it does the same type of decreases on either side of the toe until you have half as many stitches as you started out with (so if you started off with 60sts, decrease until 30sts remain), then decreases every row until a smaller number of stitches is reached, however many you prefer, as you go you’ll see when it seems like ‘enough’. It is still kitchenered together in the end but if you have a small enough number of stitches you could just cut the yarn and pull it through the rest of the stitches and weave in. I find that this toe fits really well and it a bit more rounded than your standard toe.

The pattern that I read about it isn’t available online anymore so I hope that my description is sufficient.

Thanks, guys. :muah:

So that means you do 4 decreases every round after you’ve reached 1/2 the nubmer of the original stitches?

I have to do some math for these toes, since they obviously aren’t going to take up the same amount of space as the standard toe.

Yes, after you finish the usual decreases, which happen every other round, you will decrease before and after each of the two markers on EVERY round. You only actually do the every round decreases for a few rounds so it doesn’t actually change much, aside from making the toe a bit more round and less square.