Different tensions b/w knit and purl!

Hello all,
I have been knitting for a while and recently started knitting continental style. I love it, but my purl stitches are looser than my knit stitches, resulting in uneven looking patterns. Does anyone have suggestions to help me regulate my tension working with the 2 stitches?


That can be normal and practice will usually help. Try different methods of holding the yarn and look at the Norwegian purl. Many people say that helps their tension. You can also use a smaller needle on the purl rows, or knit everything in the round where stockinette is all knit.

That is very normal.

If you’re knitting in the round where the object doesn’t need to be reversible you can try this if you’re ribbing. I had the same problem and came up with this method.

If you’re knitting something that has to be reversible you can knit combined. That sometimes helped. That means to wrap the yarn the opposite way when purling the first stitch and then on the reverse side you knit into the back of the knit stitch that is twisted. I think it’s the second knit stitch on a k2p2 rib when knitting this way.

I have some trouble with this also,but find if I give a bit of a tug when slipping the finished purl stitch, it tightens up. If this doesn’t work, I go back and pull up each stitch, starting with the one farthest from the last stitch until they are not so loose–hope this makes sense–linknit41