Different styles/methods of knitting

Wow, today was my first post and I’m already addicted! I decided to pace myself today :slight_smile:

I was just curious to learn what style/method of knitting you all prefer (I’m continental, myself)…and if you know of, or are familar with any other methods that might be fun to learn. I saw a video last night of the Yarn Harlot demonstrating the “Irish Cottage” method - I must say, my head is still spinning!!! She goes SOOO fast! I’d LOVE to learn to knit that fast. As a newbie knitter, I require [B]Instant gratification[/B], so the sooner I finish something, the better! I’d love to hear any tips or tricks to make me the speediest/most efficent knitter that I can be!

I voted other because I knit both ways for now. I learned English, but I started a scarf (here) that was in seed stitch and English drove me nuts, so I learned Continental. But I’m still not proficient enough at it. I’m knitting a sweater with Patons Divine yarn and I have to knit it English or it gets too tight. I think it’s really all about finding the way that’s most comfortable to you and that allows you to just knit without thinking about it.

I haven’t practiced enough to do it smoothly and with even tension and I really need to get cracking on a vest I’m making.

I’ll take a break at some point and just try to knit something using the Continental method.



I knit English, although I can knit Continental. I prefer Continental, but I teach/taught so many people I just knit English now. I am trying to learn Cont. again, but its not going too well…

When I learned to knit, I learned English. However, ribbing for a long-ish piece drove me nuts so I learned continental. I’m fairly comfortable w/both methods now. I’m making my sons sweaters for next year soley using Continental. That being said, I’m knitting some convertable mittens on 4 dpn’s using English. I’m not that comfy with Continental just yet. :wink:

I knit mostly English that is the way I was taught. I do like to knit Continental often to try to get my speed up on it. I love the Continental but I really screw up in a project. So it is going to be English for awhile.:waving:

I learnt English style so that is what I do, have thought about learning continental but haven’t had the patience to sit down and give it a go yet.

I voted continental, but I knit a cross between Irish Cottage and Continental. I actually didn’t realize I did this until today when I saw the video of the Yarn Harlot knitting that way. I want to learn how to knit straight continental, I think it would be faster than what I do now.

I learned English and have tried Continental but found it kills my hands so I stick with English (although, when I learned, they called it American… go figure). My philosophy is to use whatever method works best for you as long as you get to do this:

Both english and continental. I use whichever strikes me whenever I pick up a WIP.

I voted English style. My version is more like the Yarn Harlot (Irish Cottage) but the fingers in my right hand are not as straight as hers. My right hand does not leave the needle. I didn’t realize there were so may styles of knitting.

I voted other, I’m a combined knitter. But when i show someone else how to knit I show them the um, i dunno which is which, the one wher the yarn is in the left hand.

primarily english, though working a blanket in continental right now…I just can’t get the tension right when holding the yarn…

I knit primarily English but I do know how to knit continental. I did knit an entire sweater Conti but I decided I really prefer English. The purling alway feels very awkward when I am knitting continentally.
When I have taught people to knit I have taught both ways. My lefty friend loves continental.

I voted continental- I am only working on my 2nd project now & it’s the 1st one with purls- I am slowly getting the hang of it. It’s hard to see if my tension is OK w/ the purling because I am working w/ Homespun and it’s wibbly!

My lefty friend loves continental

Yep, there it is, lefties like me like Continental. When I learned it, it was called “pick knitting” or “picking”.

My goal is to learn the Irish Country style, but I’m trying to figure out how to modify that to my left hand, seems I’m almost there now.

I learned to knit English method, but tried my hand at continental method. I prefer English method. I’d love to try to perfect the Yarn Harlot’s method. Continental is nice and I am sure is faster than I knit currently, but I love throwing.

I use a little of both. That’s just the way that I learned from my mother who learned from her grandmother. It works for me so I haven’t tried to change it.

I had never seen or heard of the English style until I came here and saw it. I’ve been trying to learn the method but it’s going horribly.

I think there, at time, seems to be a bit of “snobbery” attached to continental knitting. Now please don’t jump all over me because I don’t mean here. But I have had, on several occasions, someone come up to me whilst I was knitting, peer over my should and say " I knit CONTINENTAL" as if it were the end all be all and sign of a true knitter. I even had someone say to me to too long ago that they were a “real” knitter because they didn’t “throw” their yarn.

I knit because I enjoy it, not for speed or to see how many items I can crank out. While I find the Yarn Harlot’s speed impressive I also think it would be tiring and not so much fun.

Knitting style should be a matter of personal preference not a competition. I would someday like to learn COntinental but only so I can say “I tried it” but for now I am a happy ENGLISH knitter!