Different size wholes in needle gauges?

:shrug: Will someone please tell me how to figure out what size needles you have with a needle gauge? I have 2 needle gauges and they both give different sizes for my needles. Is the whole needle suppose to fit in the hole or just the tip of the needle to where it starts to get bigger?

The whole thing should fit. I usually move it down to where only the point fits and take the hole larger than that as the size of the needle.

Not all needles are exactly the same, but I’ve never heard of a hole gauge being different sizes–they should go by mm.

so if the tip fits say hole size7 then you would go up to size 8?

Yes–the size of the needle is the main part after the tip.

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: Thank you Ingrid. I just bought some little tags to put on my circulars ( because I always have to get out the gauge) so I can tell what size my cirs are. Thanks again I was ready to :hair:

You are going to laugh at this. I was knitting with a circular needle and I measured it a 3.5. The whole needle fit in not just the tip. The next day when I went to start my project I measured it again (Im’ a little paranoid)and this time I got 4. I thought holy crap I can’t even measure it right how am I going to knit anything. I then measure both ends and sure enough there were two different size needles on each end. I took it back to the store and they gave me a new circ. :rofl:

How weird is that :noway: I better go check mine :roflhard: