Different Size Needles?


I’m fairly knew to knitting and though I understand most of it, I’m having trouble with knitting in the around. Not so much actually doing it, but getting the pattern right.

The pattern I’m using is for fingerless mittens (from the winter knits kit if anyone is familiar with it) and the pattern uses worsted yarn and size 5 circular needles. I have worsted yarn, but I only have size 2 circular needles (and dpns).

This is where the stupid question part kicks in… Can I use this pattern with size 2 needles? The problem that I’m really encountering is the cord seems too long to make gloves, it seems like it would be for small hats. If the cord was shorter, could I technically just cast on more stiches to accomodate the pattern? I’m not really sure how circular needles are really supposed to work so any information on that would be really appreciated.

Do I have to buy size 5 needles, or can I do this with the needles I have?

Basically I’m just confused. :-/

You can check here for Magic Loop or how to knit a small diameter project with long needles. Aside from the length is needle size though. Worsted yarn knit on size 2s is going to be really dense, stiff and probably not too soft. Even size 5s are kind of small for worsted. You could get the 5s in double pointed needles and knit the pattern, or just get some circs. You could also use thinner yarn with the 2s, but you’d have to cast on more stitches.

ETA: does that pattern say size 5 or 5 mm needles? There’s a big difference…

The pattern does say size 5 needles, not 5mm.

I was thinking of doing the magic loop, though I was worried that it would end up to be too small of an opening.
I’m not Too worried about the yarn being dense as it would be my first try at gloves/mittens (or anything, really). I’ll probably end up making them again with different color yarn. I just want to know if I really should just buy some size 5 needles, or if I can get away with it on size 2.

I personally would go get the size 5s (and again-- US sizing or is that in mm?! HUGE difference!). Trying to knit in worsted on that size (whether size 2 US or 2mm) is going to be difficult. That needle size and yarn weight is not a good match. Not only will you end up with a dense and far too small project, it will be hard to work the needles into the stitches. I think you won’t regret getting the larger needles.

The size of the opening is deteremined by how many sts you cast on, not if you use ML or not, and how many sts per inch you get on the needles. Even with worsted yarn, size 2 is going to be too small because the gauge will be so much smaller.