Different provision cast on?

Anyone ever tried this? :??

Interesting. The cast on is much like a figure 8 cast on, then do a sewn cast off to one side? Brilliant! :cheering:

(Makes a mental note to try this for cuff-down socks!)

It’s basically doing a turkish cast-on and then using EZ’s sewn bind off to finish the edge. (Figure 8 is a little different – I prefer turkish since it’s simpler to do, and doesn’t require working through the back loop to correct any twisted stitches later.) Fleegle’s method might be something to try if you have trouble making your cast-on stretchy enough, but it wouldn’t (personally) be my first choice since I don’t care for EZ’s bind-off for situations where I need a stretchy edge. There’s no reason why you couldn’t use a different bind-off, though. I could see the method being useful not necessarily in situations where you want a stretchy cast-on, but where you want the two edges to match exactly. (Just use your preferred bind-off on both ends.)

I FINALLY figured how to do Amy’s all in one provisional and it’s much faster than the crocheted one, but this looked interesting. :wink:

Turkish cast on is my favorite! Definitely give it a whirl. Here’s another tutorial that may or may not be helpful. (It’s got better pics, but it may have more info than you need since you wouldn’t necessarily be doing two at a time, or making a tube. If you choose to use it, just ignore the parts that don’t apply to your situation.)

I recently had cause to do a provisional cast-on and used the one on the video here, but for anyone who has trouble finding an easy one, I don’t see why you couldn’t knit one or two rows in a smooth cotton/whatever, then start knitting with the main colour!

If you don’t want to learn a new cast-on, this should work, then cut off the other colour later to get the live stitches.

Having said that, I’m going to check out this interesting-sounding cast-on :slight_smile:


Sarah, that would work, too. I think the provisional would just save some time once you get the hang of it, but maybe not… :thinking:

Jane… can you use that as a provision CO? It like it’s for toe up socks?

This tutorial might easier to follow since it’s shown on 2 circs – go up to step 4, and then instead of working the stitches on the bamboo circ (which creates the closed end of a tube), you can just work back and forth on the metal circ as if you’re using straights. The bamboo circ can be used as a holder until you want to go back to your live stitches. (Keep in mind that as with other provisional cast-ons, your work will be half a stitch off when you start knitting in the other direction.)

Uh…half a stitch off? I can see how it would be one less or one stitch, but the half stitch is throwing me… Anyhoo it looks very cool. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks!