Different lengths for dpn's?

I want to buy size 4 and up dpn’s and I can only find them in 8 inch lengths. I want them to be the nickel plated ones. I went to Knit picks and they don’t have them in the 4 inch size.
Any suggestions?
Thanks a bunch, Crossed Fingers


The 8 inch would work for a lot of things. You can always use the extra length. The shorter they are the fewer projects you could use them for.

hmm, but I want them for a pair of baby socks!

4 inches is not a usual length; they’re generally about 5 or 6" long.

you can knit baby socks with 8 inchers. it’s better to get the longer ones because you can have as little as one stitch on a DPN no matter the length, but if your needles are too short, you won’t be able to use them for bigger projects

One thing to consider when looking at them is that 4 inches is about the width of your hand. I find it very uncomfortable to try to hold those small needles in my hands when they are that short. I would guess that it is most likely that the ones you WILL find in that length are wooden.

4" dpns are great for the fingers of gloves. The longer ones are awkward to work with in those close quarters. Here are the ones by Addi–