Different knitting method - Instructions online?


I’m new here and need help!

I learned to knit with my aunt in a different way, with the yarn around the neck, and I can’t seem to find and instructions online to this method of knitting. I learned a long time ago and forgot various parts of it.

Can you help me?



P.S. - Sorry if there are any mistakes in the writing English is not my mother language.

Hi, Ana, I wanted to welcome you to the forum; I don’t know how to knit in the way that you mentioned, although I’m sure someone around here will have some info for you :thumbsup:

I found this tip on Andean knitting, I’ll continue to look to see if I can find any other info :wink:

:smiley: Okay, I looked around a bit more & found this video (scroll down to “The Wong Way of Handknitting” video) that is supposed to show you the Andean knitting style :wink:

Hi Becka!

Thanks for you help.

It seems that Andrea Wong’s mother learned from a Portuguese woman in Brazil. What can I say? Maybe it’s more used here (Yes, I’m Portuguese too!).

The problem is that I don’t have the correct terms to search the web with. :thinking: I’ll keep searching.

thanks again


I found it under “Andean Knitting.” There’s this book that I found on Amazon, as well as this one, but it has patterns, but not instructions as to how the technique is done. I think that you will have the most luck with the video and book that I linked in the previous posts. I hope others will have more answers for you.
I bet that Meg Swansen @ info@schoolhousepress.com will be able to help you. She has a wealth of knowledge on knitting. You may also want to look @ her site, www.schoolhousepress.com Good Luck, please let us know what u find :wink:


Found this in my search. There are some pictures of how to knit and purl this way. The author, also portuguese, calls it “Portuguese purl”.
So after that I found some links to forum discussions that have some information on the subject but no pictures or videos. :frowning:

Interesting method :thinking: It does look like continental style to me, however, with the twist of having the yarn around the neck.

Hi Holly,

I do use the continental videos, although I have to make some changes because of the way the yarn is held.

For instances if I have to make a YO in the knit row I simply bring the yarn to the front and don’t make a wrap around because that would make 2 YO. I always have to be careful with that because otherwise you end up with to many stitches.

I find the way I was taught more quick. Maybe that is because I’m not very good with the other ones!! :wink:

Ana - Thanks for the explanation :smiley: . I’m always interested in the different ways people knit. When I was taught it was continental style, but the lady referred to it as German style. I didn’t even realize there were different styles until I got a book to refresh my skills and didn’t understand any of the diagrams as they were all English method! Actually, that is how I ended up finding KH.com because I couldn’t find a book with good continental diagrams.