Different kind of knot stitch

I am having difficulty understanding this knot stitch from the following web page text. I have looked at other knot stitches with the p to k to p on 3 stitches but this looks different. I don’t understand when they say ‘under thread’ and ‘above same thread’. I am fairly new to knitting and would like to learn this stitch to make this sweater eventually. Any help would be appreciated.

[COLOR=“Blue”], * (make knot) Insert right needle under thread between next 2 sts on left needle, wrap yarn and loosely draw up a loop and place on right needle. Insert right needle above same thread and loosely draw up a second loop and place on right hand needle. With yarn in front, p first st from left needle. Pass first loop over second loop and p st, then pass second loop over p st-knot made; k5*; rep from *, end row with make knot, k4[/COLOR]


Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
Look at the strand of yarn that connects the stitch on the right needle to the stitch on the left needle. It’s the strand of yarn from the row below. It’s fairly easy to see when you can stretch out the stitches between the two needles. Now find that strand between the next 2sts on the left needle. That’s the strand the pattern wants you to insert the right needle under or above.
So first you put the right needle under that strand, wrap the yarn around the needle as if to knit, draw the yarn through to the front and keep the loop on the right needle. Now go back to that same place and insert the right needle above the strand (this’ll be between the strand and the needle), wrap the yarn around the needle and draw through another loop which again stays on the right needle. It may help to use your finger to hold the loops on the right needle so that they don’t slip off. Then continue with the instructions.

Thanks for your efforts to help me understand. I am still having problems visualizing these instructions. If anyone knows of a video of this and could let me know that would probably help. As it is I will keep trying to figure it out. Guess i am more of a visual learner.

Do you know make 1 (M1)? The bar between the stitches but over one stitch to the left is what you want, I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlPQBhZ31B4

Look on the Increases page, the video for M1 L would be the same thing.

Still can’t get it. Thanks for all your help. I found this easier knot to use instead, not as pretty but it will do.

Thanks for the link. Not only is it an interesting stitch that I want to try, the way he holds the yarn and the way the camera was on his hands so I can see clearly makes me think I might be able to manage to knit English if I try it that way. We all learn together! :muah:

That’s more or less how I knit english.

I’m really hoping this will help me manage to knit English! Who knows, if I can ever get it I might decide I like it better. I’m right handed so I can’t figure out why I have such a terrible time holding the yarn in my right hand. :shrug:

That looks good. Glad you found a way around the knot!