Different fibers

Just for fun, I got a small amount of bamboo and corn silk. Mmmmmmmmm It’s sooooooo soft. Anybody spun this? I don’t wanna screw it up, not that I paid much for it.

Bamboo? I am SO jealous. Never done bamboo. So where’d ya get it? I’ve got corn silk but haven’t spun it yet. Here’s my very uneducated guess. Draft thin w/ lots of twist. On those long fibers, pre-drafting was important for me. Otherwise I couldn’t draft fast enough. Ended up w/ a big thick single. Split it down the middle if that makes drafting easier.

Pencil roving: It’s all a matter of taste dear. And yes I draft my pencil roving. I have yet to get fiber that didn’t need to be drafted.
Pencil roving is prepared fiber that has been drawn through a diz to produce a thin, compact fiber.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think it’s any easier to spin than any other form of prepared fiber.

http://www.woolery.com/Pages/fibers.html#exotic I got some stuff from here, but I can’t remember if I got the bamboo from here. It’s so yummy, though.

I tried spinning some 100% soy silk and WOW is it beutiful but I didn’t like spinning it.