Different colour knitting

I am knitting a baby blanket with three images in different colours. I have learnt how to do Intarsia knitting from this wonderful website, but all my different colour yarns are getting entangled so I have unravelled them all and want to know best way to manage multi-yarns before I start again! Any suggestions much appreciated.

Hi and welcome!
This is a problem, no doubt about it. One solution is to keep your main color attached to the ball or skein and use bobbins or butterflies for the contrast yarn. Here’s a video for making center-pull butterflies.

The idea is that you can stop and let the butterflies dangle from the back of the project every row or so to untangle themselves.
You can also leave the contrast yarn as long strands and when they become tangled, pull them free from the project end of the strand.

Hi. Many thanks for your kind suggestions. I have made up centre-pull butterflies and then placed each one in a separate small seal-able food storage bags. It seems to work to keep the yarns separate but still need to untangle them after few rows. So far so good! I have so far done 11 rows of 38 rows of colour chart with different colour yarns. Will post picture of completed pattern and then completed blanket. I find it very fiddly but satisfying to see the pattern emerging. :knitting:

It is such an incentive to keep knitting, just to see the pattern appear. Love to see the finished blanket.
Congratulations NewGrandmaTobe!