Different colors of yarn

Now that I’m going to be attempting something new: Changing my yarn color and making stripes as I go, can I get some feedback on your favorite technics for switching yarn to a new color? I’ve tried a couple of ways but wasn’t much good at it. I see by youtube that there are many different ways. What’s your favorite?


I just change colors. It leaves a gap or loose spot, but that’s not a problem when weaving in. If your scarf has fringe you can just change at the ends leaving long piece to create the fringe. When you’re done you can knot those ends to make a nice edge.

But do you tie your yarn together or use another method to ease into the new color?

I just cut the old to about 6-8" and drop it then start with the new.

You can hold both together and knit a few stitches if you prefer. It will show a bit, but that may not matter with a multicolor scarf.

Okay, I think I tried that with circular needles once and it was too confusing but I think with straight needles I can manage it.