Different color border problem

I am making a blanket that has a BC different than the MC. The border is in garter stitch and the main part is in stockinette. I’m not having issues with changing the colors when on the knit side of the blanket. It’s when I am on the purl return of the main blanket that I can’t seem to make a color change from the BC in garter to the MC in purl…I keep getting a hole. Any ideas to help me?

Are you doing it as intarsia?

I’m knew to knitting, but the term intarsia references leaving the multiple colors hanging, correct? If that is true, then yes, I am.

Here is I found, I hope this will help :blush:

Unlike Fair Isle knitting, in which small repeating patterns are created by alternating two strands of yarn in different colors across a row, intarsia knit designs are generally free-form, and each area of color is worked from an individual ball, bobbin, or length of yarn.

Yes, intarsia is what I am working in. My difficulty is when going from the BC garter stitch over to the MC in purl. This is where the small hole is forming.

I wish I could help you but I am new to knitting also and I have never have tried kitting a pattern that has called for this.
Sorry :frowning: