Different cast-ons question

Hi. I have only done the long-tail cast-on for everything I have knit so far, which is not too much mind you. However, I know that there have been other types talked about on here and I know there are other videos of different types done by Amy. My question is, how do you know which cast-on to use? Can you use the long-tail for everything, or will there come a time that I will need to learn a new way to casting on???

Not that it’s the right thing to do, but I use long tail for just about everything. If a pattern specifically called for, say, a cable or knit cast on, I’d probably do it, but I rarely see a pattern specify. I was encouraged when I read that EZ used long-tail almost exclusively, too.

That makes me feel a little better. Obviously, if it called for something else, I would have to learn it, but if the long-tail is okay for most things, that I think I’m doing okay. :slight_smile: Thanks Ingrid.

You may want to check out a provisional cast-on, which allows you to keep the CO sts live, pick them up later & do something else with them. That’s the only other one Ive ever used,

long tail, is also more stretchy…so if that matters…like in socks, then long tail…

but if it doesn’t matter, or you don’t want MUCH stretch…then the others…

or like all before have said…follow the pattern.

plus with long tail…I just learned this with Amy’s video, that you now have already done the knit row, and start on the backside…way cool!!!

I discovered yesterday while messing around that you can modify the longtail cast-on method for purling. You know how that cast on gives you a row of knitted stitches? Well if you do it backwards, going through the yarn on your finger first and then through the yarn on your thumb, you get a row of purled stitches! Alternatively, you could probably just switch the yarn around so the working yarn is over your thumb and the tail is over your finger.

I’m very excited about this and need to share! Now I can use it for ribbing and don’t have to learn a ribbing cast on!

Oh yeah, I found out about that, too…I found out watching the WONDERFUL Lily Chin on Knitty Gritty…she had a whole show of tips…I would LOVE to take a class with her!
I usually use long tail on about everything…or provisional cast on, which is just wonderful!! I started out using knit on cast on for some reason…the only way I learned, I suppose! And cable cast on is my fave for casting on in project…there are gazillions of cast ons, I think :shock:

I started out with the Knit cast on as well, and then switched to the cable cast on b/c I liked how even it looked (my knit CO was ugly, just ugly). But now I’m a huge fan of the longtail CO. I use it for just about everything.