Difference Orlon acraylic and acraylic

I am a beginner in knitting,I am plan to make a kids sweater.In my knitting instructions it has been told I need to buy a 4ply worsted weigh 100 % Orlon acraylic ,but It looks like I have purchased 100% 4 Ply worsted weigh acraylic. Will it make a big difference if I make the sweater in acraylic .Please advise.


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I’m not familiar with that yarn, but if they’re both worsted weight and 100% acrylic, then it should be fine. Is Orlon just a brand name?

Make sure to check your gauge before you start and if it’s the same as the recommended gauge in the pattern, you’ll be ready to go! :thumbsup:

Orlon is not a brand name,Brand name they mentioned is Bernat Berella. In the description they mentioned Bernat Berella is 4- Ply knitting worsted of 100% Orlon Acrylic.

I wouldn’t worry about it either, worsted weight is worsted weight. It can be wool, cotton, arylic, alpaca, it will knit up at the same rate, measured in stitches per inch, usually around 4-5.

Orlon probably just has some orlon in it.

Do a test swatch to check the gauge of the yarn you have and go for it.

Orlon is a trade name of a type of acrylic fiber developed by DuPont. It’s a more luxurious type of acrylic yarn, and mimics some of the qualities of wool better than standard acrylic. However, it’s just yarn. You don’t ever have to use the suggested yarn, only one with the same gauge.

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