difference in washable wool sock yarn

I have made several socks using washable wool with nylon DK weight from different brands. A few have been wonderful and others have been stretchy and not great. All the different yarns are marked 75 washable wool and 25 nylon but they don’t feel the same and don’t work up the same. The softer yarns did not work up as well, they were baggy. I liked the harder yarns even tho they were not as soft. How can I tell what I am buying? I read that merino is not good because it is too soft. Is that the problem? Should I look for a washable wool that is not merino? Thanks for any help. Also I like the heaver DK weight for socks that make a more "smartwool / hiking " sock.

Not all yarns of one weight will be exactly the same. Some are a little heavier or lighter and you may have to go up or down a needle size. As far as the way the fiber feels… not all wools are created equal. Some sheep have softer wool than others and some are stretchier than others. Find the ones you like and stick to those. :slight_smile:

thanks that is what I am finding out.