Difference between yarns

does any one know the difference between worsted weight and double worsted weight?

I’m thinking one is twice the gauge of the other. :thumbsup:

does that mean thickness in the yarn?

I’m assuming the same as Carol.


I usually use this [color=red]chart[/color]for such questions…I don’t see double worsted on it…you’re sure you don’t mean DK?

If you mean double knitting rather than double worsted, the DK is about half the size of worsted… generally two strands of DK will equal one of WW.

Peaches & Creme comes in double worsted peeps! Perhaps someone is wanting to make a rug ala Mason-Dixon, hmmm?


double worsted is 395 ypp

worsted 840 ypp

I’ve never heard of that term before… just chunky and bulky.