Difference between purl and knit stitch?

How can i tell the difference between a purl and a knit stitch? I am learning to purl, but it looks like a knit. What is the difference in the way it looks?

They’re the same stitch seen from different sides. The back of a knit is a purl and the back of a purl is a knit. When you knit a row and turn it you see the purl bump; when you purl a row and turn it you see the V of the knit side. Knitting all stitches makes garter stitch, but so does purling all of them. To get all the Vs on one side and all the purls on the other (stockinette stitch) you would work a knit row then a purl row and keep alternating them.

That makes so much sense! Thank you! I was so confused!

Okay, having got thosee basics… they’re all changed when you knit in the round. Since you don’t turn and work on the other side, you’re just on the RS only, knitting every round makes stockinette and to get garter you have to alternate a purl round with a knit round.

What is knitting in a round?

In [I]the [/I]round. It’s when you join the sts to make a circle or a tube, like for a hat, socks, mitts, sleeves, sweaters, etc. You just knit around and around and usually don’t turn the needles.