Diff between ssk & k2tog

what is the difference between k2tog and ssk? it seems like you still knit 2 together.

You’re right, they both do K2tog. The difference is that the K2tog slants a little to the right and the SSK slants a little to the left. Sometimes you may feel you’d really like the advantage of a slant one way or another, but other times it may not matter to you. If you like the look of, say the K2tog, in a given situation it is your call.

MerigoldinWA is right.

I think that if you are doing a pattern that calls for both, you will start to understand it a little better. For example, I am working my very first sock and I reached the point last night where I had to pick up the gusset and then decrease to really make it fit. I have to do K2tog on one side and ssk on the other so that the slants actually both end up going in the same direction towards the toes. I don’t think I can explain any better than that, but I do thing that if you work both, you will see what we mean.

Good luck!! :cheering:

Here’s a good visual of the difference:

Knitting Decreases