Dietician or vegan cookbook?

does anyone have a sensible cookbook that they love that has mostly vegetables, explains balanced meals well (and variations, and daily requirements and planning and all that), and just tastes good to other people who mainly just want chicken?

maybe this is asking a lot, but you people know Stuff, so why not?


I have 3 that I like alot - I can’t remember if they have the requirements and planning, but I think they do touch on it -

[I]Moosewood Restuarant LowFat Favorites[/I] - I like alot of theirs, and I think there is healthy stuff in most of their cookbooks, but I know this one does for sure.

I like Deborah Madison’s [I]Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone[/I]; not always healthy, but there are lots of recipes in there.

Cresent Dragonwagon’s [I]Passionate Vegetarian[/I] is HUGE - lots of recipes, stories, menu ideas, and it’s all healthy. I think she gives variations too, as does Moosewood.

I also have [I]Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook[/I] - that one has a bunch of info, it might actually be closest to what you’re looking for, but it’s not as … creative, I guess, as the others. I’ve made a few things from it, and had them turn out fine too.

It might be worth checking online too - I think there’s probably lots of good sites - I haven’t looked in a while; having kids changed the way I cook - they don’t go much for curries and things, and you can only disguise beans and veggies so many ways before they grow suspicious.:shock:

Anyway, just my .02 - Good luck wiht what you find.

Great question, I’m a veggie here! :waving:

My favorite cookbook is Mollie Katzen’s Enchanted Broccoli Forest. It is sooooo wonderful. It not only teaches you recipes, it teaches you how to cook lentils, beans, rices, how to chop veggies, how to prepare things pre recipe. It is the best! I’ve never tried a recipe out of one of her books that I didn’t love.

Thanks, I will check them out!

There are so many vegetarian cookbooks out there that it’s hard to choose just one! A good book for explaining daily requirements and nutrients is “Becoming Vegetarian” or “Becoming Vegan.” You can also find nutritional information at, but I’ve heard rave reviews about these two books.

Sensible cookbooks that are mostly vegetables… some of my favorites have already been mentioned by threesmom. Cookbooks with recipes which omnivores usually like also include [I]Lean Bean Cuisine[/I] and [I]Lean, Luscious and Meatless[/I]. Vegetarian Times has some [I]Low Fat and Fast[/I] cookbooks which are also good. If you’re looking for good and easy, try [I]The Five Ingredient Vegetarian Gourmet[/I]. I can’t remember how much these discuss vegetarian nutrition, though. Hopefully you can find some of these in your library to get you started!

My favorite vegetarian cookbook is Claire’s Cornercopia. She owns a restaurant near Yale in New Haven and the place is always busy. In other words, her recipes are so good that they are a big draw to even non vegetarians.