anyone hear of that diet tea that is out there :pray: if so is it any good

Is it essiac? It’s supposed to be for cancer, but my not stepdaughter has diabetes and started using it. It’s the only thing she’s found to keep her blood glucose where it’s supposed to be and she’s lost 30 pounds I think.

The only diet tea that I’ve heard of is Lipton’s Green and White tea. I love the green tea with citrus. It tastes very good, cold or hot.

Are you maybe confusing a ‘diet tea’ with the ‘tea diet’?

From what I’ve heard, you basically cut out all coffee and other hot bevvies, and drink 7-8 cups of black/green/white tea (and by white I mean white leaves, not tea with milk) no milk, no sugar, a day as it is a diuretic (basically)…

Like anything, once you stop doing it, you’ll put the weight back on.

I find it hard to put my faith in anything but a sensible diet and moderate exercise.

I think green tea has been shown to be effective in weight loss, has to do with curbing the appetite. Black or white tea a little, but less so.

The only diet tea I can think of is Chinese Diet Tea. You can buy it at Chinese markets. I recommend just drinking it while sitting on the toilet.

:rollseyes: Ohhhh, one of [B]those[/B]!

I recommend the seefood diet. See food, eat it. :slight_smile:

:roflhard::roflhard: I’m on that diet right now.

I don’t even drink coffee, I just drink hot tea. Green at night and black in the mornings, and I actually lost weight when I started drinking tea. Speaking of…

My Mom’s doctor made her quit drinking green tea. He said you shouldn’t drink it if you have high blood pressure. I thought he was nuts, but I’m not a doctor…

Depends how much of it you drink… It still has caffeine, though not as much as black tea (does the Dr know that it’s green, not black, or did he just hear tea?), but if you drink 10 cups of it, wouldn’t be a good thing.

I love green tea, but I didn’t know it affected your blood pressure.

But, I’d have to say my absolute favorite is Jasmine tea.

It’s the caffeine… or rather the caffeine like chemical in tea that can raise your blood pressure. If you only have a couplathree cups a day, I wouldn’t worry about it.

He knew it was green tea. She was drinking it because she had heard it would help her lose weight. I just assumed that it was because she was already on a diuretic.(sp)

Well, the green tea I buy is naturally caffine free. I drink tea with caffine in the mornings, but the rest of the time, it’s decaffinated green tea.