"Died in the Wool" by Mary Kruger

The first paragraph of this book says it all …

“Later, Ariadne would be appalled that her first reaction at seeing Edith Perry’s body sprawled on the floor of her shop, a tangle of yarn around her throat, was that Edith had finally chosen good yarn. She would be horrified that she had wished the yarn wasn’t one of her favorites. It was shock, she knew; finding a dead body always had that effect.” (page 1)

later in the story …

(talking about a local homespun yarn that is sold in the shop) page 43

"Yes. Her yarn is popular. People like the homespun-- Oh."
Ariadne’s look of horror gave Josh the clue. “Was it her yarn that was used?”
“Yes,” Aridne said reluctantly. “Oh, but you can’t think she had anything to do with it! Diane would never abuse her yarn in that way.”

"Josh scratched behind his ear and looked away, bemused. They talked about yarn as if it were alive, …

page 47

And putting together clues would likely be - well, like putting the pieces of a new pattern together… She’d untangle the clues, she thought, and then she’d knit them together properly.

and I am only on page 53

"Died in the Wool"
by Mary Kruger

Do you think we can safely assume that the author is a “dyed in the wool” knitter? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I better finish my coffee before posting anything else.

I read the series Knit One Kill Two, Needled to Death and A Deadly Yarn by Maggie Sefton and they were pretty good. the third one was very predictable, but if you have a weekend with nothing to do, you can know out all 3 books easy.