Didnt want to steal other thread

but i got the best xmas pressie ever …

a positive pregnancy test on christmas morning

im 4 weeks and 3 days gone, and im due sept 2nd 2007

am over the moon

will be baby number 3 :smiley:

DH was a bit shocked bless him but he seems happier now lol and has already told me it better be a little girl this time so we can stop our family at three (spoil sport that he is i want 4 kids lol)

but thought id share my news with you guys :slight_smile:

thanks to those who have congratulated me already :slight_smile:


p.s ill need some patterns for easy cardigans for babies now lol (iv only attempted scarves and a ablanket and some hats lol and i dont have any DPNs either but im sure i can talk DH in to buying me some lol)


aww…CONGRATS!!! that is a fantastic Christmas present! :hug: my sister got the same thing… :smiley: I am definately staying away form the water, pregnant women popping up everywhere…LMAO

:hug: :hug: :hug:


Gratz!! What an exciting Christmas present :hug:

:heart: :muah:

Yay Lindsay!!! :muah: Congratulations to you and your husband!!! That is WONDERFUL news!!!

What an awesome christmas present! :hug:

Congrats! :heart: :heart:

Wonderful, congratulations! Since I am going to be a grandma (well in my case a Nonny) again in June I have knitted 2 sweaters, but they are cardigan style and for 6-12 months since the baby will be born in June. I will pm you the pattern sites when I find them. I also found a very cute newborn pattern for a pullover and hat to match and I will get that for you when I find it.

Again, congratulations!!!

Yea, congrats! :woohoo: That’s the best Christmas present…and now you can start knitting some really cute baby things.

thank you all

and thank you nonny for the pm i have got it and should of sent you one back (think it worked before the page crashed on me , altho thats a prob my end the youngest turned off the web lol)

thank you all again, am still chuffed to bits (been trying since march and had a bit of a blonde moment of taking contraceptive pill thinking it was folic acid which didnt help lol but i realised what id done after 3 months lol)

Congratulations! :cheering:

That has to be the best present that anyone could receive! Congratualtions to you and your hubby! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

yea for baby #3!!! My hubby told me we’re done with our 2, but we’ll see who gets the last laugh (wicked laugh) Anyway what an awesome Christmas gift. I have a cousin and a friend both due this comming year-yea for babies!

woo-hoo! congrats! :hug:

That would be so exciting to get on Christmas day!! Congratulations!!

Huge congrats - what an awesome Christmas present… does it get any better than that? :hug:

That’s so wonderful, congratulations!

Yeah for you! What a nice gift! :hug: