didn't knit in the round with double pointed needles when I should have, how to fix?

I am a beginner…very beginner.

I am making a full body suit for a baby. you had to start with double pointed needles at the bottom of the leg. As the pattern didn’t say I needed to use the 5 needles I just assumed I only used just two. But then a friend saw what I was doing and told me I should be using the 5 needles instead and going in the round :frowning:.

what should I do, should I keep continuing even though thats not how the patten is and sew the two sides together? is there a way I can fix this? i am hallway through the leg already but if the best is to undo everything then thats what I will have to do.

thanks for any advice

Well, yes, the best thing to do is to start over on the 5 dpns but the second best is to add in 2 or 3 more dpns now and join to knit in the round. You’ll have a seam for the length you’ve already knit but it probably won’t be remarkable. If the yarn tail left over from the cast on is long enough, you can use that to seam the leg.
I’d do the second leg the same way so it looks like the first leg. You can call it a design feature.

I agree that the best way would be to start over.

Starting over would be best. You do have options on how to knit it. You can knit with a circular needle or do magic loop if you do not want to use double pointed needles. Either will allow you to knit in the round.

It’s also possible to knit a row or two flat and then switch to dpns. You can always seam up the beginning rows and this makes using dpns easier. It gets you past the initial rows when dpns tend to flop around and appear to have a mind of their own.