Didn't KH have a sale on knitting kits last week?

Hi, I could have sworn that there was a sale going with a whole lot of knitting kits last week or so…and I had picked out quite a few kits…but life happened…err…everyone got sick…and when I got back tonight I can’t find anything about any kits here.

Have I completely lost my mind and the kits were some other web site?

I don’t think we have kits here. Usually the kits come from stores that sell yarn. If you want to see what we have go yo the shop tab at the top of page.

Maybe you saw an ad for kits at knitpicks.com. (http://www.knitpicks.com/kits/knitting_kits.html)

It doesn’t look like most of these are on sale, but if you skip to the last two pages, you’ll see several with “last chance” on them. Maybe those are the ones you’re thinking of?

Hope you find what you’re looking for!

Yes, there are quick a few kits at 50% off!! I just ordered some more…can’t wait!!:cheering:

Here at KH or Knitpicks? :??

I found this at Knit Picks, there are some mark downs on the page. http://www.knitpicks.com/cfkits/kits_home.cfm

Yes at Knitpiks…lots of books as well…:slight_smile:

I’m mad at you! Just what I need, a shopping spree at KP! :chair:

No, I’m not mad at you, just another yarn junkie. What can I say, the cat and dog satchel is proving hard to resist and I’m looking at cotton sock yarn… :roflhard: Darn you! :teehee:

GG - Did you see the Imagination Sock yarn at KP?

Who can resist yarn named “Seven Dwarves,” “Evil Stepmother,” or my favorite “Wicked Witch?”

Not I…:woot:

Hi, Charlotte! You know you’re missed when you can’t be here!

No, I still have tabs open at KP but I’ve not seen those yet. I’m trying to be good. It’s hard. I’ve told myself that if they have the sachel still on payday, it’s mine! I might order it anyhow, it’s just the free shipping thing. Do they know what they’re doing when they offer that?

Hey backatcha GG - I’ve missed you guys so very much!

Of course they know what they’re doing with the free shipping thing (bad KnitPicks, bad KnitPicks!) - unfortunately I’ve been one of their worst enablers in THAT terribly enticing merry-go-round. They send me an email offer with gorgeous yarn and offer free shipping on orders >$50, I say “Ooooh, how pretty - must have that yarn!” and order $50+, then they send me another email, and the cycle continues. I’m pathetic, I tell ya, just pathetic. LOLOL

It’s been the death of any free space in my home - I justify it as saving for retirement. Though I may have to let DH rebuild an engine in our Living Room in the spirit of fairness. But only if he can fit it in without disturbing the yarn…:roflhard:

Do treat yourself to the satchel kit come payday. You deserve it!

GG - Did you see the Imagination Sock yarn at KP?

Who can resist yarn named “Seven Dwarves,” “Evil Stepmother,” or my favorite “Wicked Witch?”

I found the perfect yarn for my big feet: Sasquatch!

Those are nice. Oddly enough, I prefer solid colors for socks.

HEHEHEHEHE! Gals…Sometimes you just gotta go for it!

I have surgery and will need a couple of kits to keep me
seated and SANE!! I knit so I don’t kill people:roflhard: !!

Let me know when you start your dog/cat Satchel!! :mrgreen:

LOL on Sasquatch!

For me, it depends on the sort of sock and who I’m making them for.

Lace patterned or cabled socks - solids absolutely. If I’m taking the time to work those patterns I want them to be the focus. Socks for someone else, I always take their druthers into account.

But socks I knit for myself in stockinette, the wilder the colors the better. :inlove: As a young’un I fell in love with striped toe socks when they came out, and went on to develop something of a fetish for wacky sock & shoes.

I have to admit, I was somewhat disappointed when my “Wicked Witch” arrived - the colors were much darker and don’t “pop” like in the photos. But it has a scrumptious feel, and at least I’ll have some luxury fiber socks that should wear reasonably well.

Thank you all. I found the KnitPicks sale and ordered real fast so I could beat ya’ll to the best kits. LOL!

SOOOO KnitPicks is NOT part of Knitting Help? The pages are so similar that I can see why I got confused. Many a year ago…if memory serves me…I found this forum FROM the knit picks site…so thought it was part of.

The best part of the kits is that I have my yarn choice and colors decided. YIPPEE! The amount of yarn that I have already stashed will only be known upon my death when the kids have to come clean out my sewing room…SOOOO I have tons…which is why making a decision takes longer than it does to make a project most of the time.

In my house…the rules are…kits on sale or clearance get knitted first. Reason for this is in order to plan some new projects I have to drag out the cotton bin, the wool bin the acrylic bin, the double knit/sport bin, the afghan bin, then I have to go buy some more yarn because, of course, I think I need a contrast color in wool and I have a contrast in wool/acrylic…then I go buy more yarn and by the time I get everything back into the bins, and back into the closet, my granddaughter comes over and suggests she needs another item and she wants to look in the bins. LOL! So kits get knitted first because I don’t have to buy more yarn or drag out all those bins. 1 side of my closet is for yarn and sewing machines and old levi’s (for a quilt or 2) and the other side is fabric and quilts. I’m at the point now where I need spacebags to store my yarn OR I have to stop buying yarn.

I won’t tell you how many bags and roll arounds full of yarn that resides in my bedroom where I actually knit. If my sons knew how much yarn and fabric I have stashed under the beds and in the sewing room, they would start wondering. My grandmother was a hoarder…so I am very careful about my “collections” since I like to be rather neat out of fear of clutter. But it is getting a little bit hard to justify buying more yarn OR fabric.

Soooo kits on sale trumps all of those issues and I MUST rescue the poor lonely kits.