Did you see the Sept. Issue of "Creative Knitting"

I just got in the mail yesterday, the Sept. issue of “Creative Knitting”. They show a very nice idea for denim.

They used a denim vest and then knit sleeves for it and some trim. They say you can even use a denim jacket and remove the old sleeves and knit the new ones. It really looks VERY nice. I just may take apart one of my denim jackets and do this. :XX:

[color=indigo]I am not a subscriber to Creative Knitting, but the items you’re describing are about to make me run out and find that issue! I cannot believe a September issue is out alread! This year is just flying!


Apparently they haven’t updated the website yet. Guess I’ll just have to wait for my magazine to show up.

My LYS owner offers a class for this…I personally don’t care for it, but it would be neat to learn.

I got that issue in the mail the other day too. I actually loved it with that Denim yarn because I’ve seen some done with other yarns and it looked funny. My friend had made a hat and scarf set with that same yarn and she loved it so I would really like to do that myself. I was looking for a jean vest this weekend as a matter of fact! Don’t have the heart to tear up any of my good jackets :happydance:

I haven’t gotten mine yet either :frowning: :frowning: I love this magazine :inlove:

I got mine today! That is pretty cute, but I don’t know if I’d do it. I like the magazine a lot…my only complaint is everything has to be seamed. I guess I NEED to learn to do that better. :rofling:

If you’re not opposed to 2nd hand clothing, you could find something at a thrift shop and practice on it without spending too much - I’ve done this with knit sweaters to recycle the yarn :wink:

I got mine today…nothing caught my eye :frowning: I think when my subscription is up in December I’m cancelling…I’d rather get Interweave Knits.