Did you see the Mobius on Knitty Gritty?

Did anyone else love that pretty Mobius that they showed on Knitty Gritty the other day? wow. I think is just beautiful. :muah: I’m printing out the pattern. I think I’ll need to see the show again to really “understand” how it was done. So glad I Tivo’d it.

Here it is if you missed it.


Im not a moebius scarf kind of chick, but I have to say I LOVED Cat Bordhi! She’s so quirky and FUN! :aww:

Ooh, thank you for mentioning that. I missed the episode, but checked your link and see that it airs again tomorrow. I’ll be sure and record it. :thumbsup:

Yes! I do plan on making one, but am waiting for the instructions on how to cast on. I’ll be getting my needles and yarn together in the meantime.

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I saw it too (I record Knitty Gritty EVERY DAY). Did anyone else think the cast on was odd? It looked like when they showed the cast on it was just on the non doubled up cable but when they came back from break, it looked like the cast on was on a doubled up cable needle.

Maybe Amy will add the Moebius cast on to the basic techniques some day?

I LOVED the show…LOVE, LOVE the moebius…the yarn, everything…as a matter of fact, I think I’m going to order the same yarn, color and all for that moebius!

:pout: I :pout: Don’t :pout: Get :pout: DIY :pout: And :pout: Knitty :pout: Gritty :pout: Anymore. :pout: I :pout: Wish :pout: I :pout: Had :pout: It :pout: Online. :pout: (End Of Pitty Party) :waah:

i just watched that and saved it on my tivo

i have been wanting to try it, but couldn’t understand the written directions

thank god for KG

I thought it was pretty too… but I can’t make up mind if I’ll knit it up or not… I never thought I’d wear a moebius :rofling:

II’m gonna have to watch the co again and prolly again… although it reminded me alot like when you do the provisional co… :??

I don’t know about the provisional cast on, never done one, but after you get the hang of it, the MCO is pretty easy. Just cross the needles and use the right one to swoop down in front, catch the yarn, swoop down in back, catch the yarn, etc. Takes some practice though…


I sooooooo don’t get the cast on. And check her out doing it behind her back. :roflhard: I would love to make a mobious shawl someday.