Did you know - keeping cords tangle free (crochet related!)

So my dad and I were talking about my kids and what we’re doing, and I mentioned that my dd just loves to finger crochet. So he asked what that was - I started to giggle, because he does it himself, but didn’t realize it! I tell him “well, start with a length of yarn, make a loop, reach through, pull a new loop through the first loop, and continue…” at which point he eagerly says “Oh! Like how I keep my cords organized!” Yep! He has a lot of cords and “stuff” in his garage, and ever since I was a kid, instead of rolling them, which causes tangles as you unroll, he’s “looped” them, as he called it - tangle free! They lay nicely in looped piles, and the loops pull out as needed, and re-looping takes barely any time :thumbsup:

We were required to do that to all of our cords when I worked as a carpenter’s apprentice

Way cool!!! I never thought of doing this!

I do it too. Now if I could get the men in my life to do the same when they’re done using the cords, I wouldn’t have to go in after them and clean up! :frowning:

I’m happy if my hubby gets it back into the same room from which he took it :teehee:

I co-sign with Inis. If my husband puts anything back remotely near where it actually belongs, we’re doing great. I’ll have to try that with our extension cords in the garage. I like that idea.

Heh, heh! Yes, this is also a nice way of making (temporary) rope. As to getting one’s husband to re-do chain looping, get a Royal wool winder. It produces exactly the same type of ball that commercially wound cord comes in, and my husband finds the thing fascinating.

Neat to see other people were already using this trick :smiley:

oh, and fyi, if you are careful of the loop size and packing (to prevent broken bulbs) it will work for holiday light strands too!